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      Integrated Amplifier PMA-600NE


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      Naposledy byl tento produkt přidán do košíku: 2020-10-23


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      • As the defining audio company of Japan, Denon went to great lengths to eliminate interference and maintain exceptional sound quality in nearly every aspect of the new 600 series. The PMA-600NE Integrated Amplifier is engineered with Denon’s Advanced High Current (AHC) single push-pull circuit power amplification technology, delivering 70 Watts of power-per-channel (4ohm, 1kHz, THD 0.7%, 2 channel). Similar to the Denon 800 and 1600 Series Hi-Fi components, the PMA-600NE features digital connectivity including Bluetooth streaming supported by 24-bit/192kHz digital-to-analogue converter that makes digital streaming files sound amazing.
      • “No product leaves the Denon factory until it has the Sound Master seal of approval, for which our team in Japan meticulously listens to every product to ensure the voicing and build quality is consistent with other Denon New Era series products,” said Shinichi Yamauchi, sound master at Denon. “The new 600 series products have the same precise, clean and powerful Denon sound because they have the same Hi-Fi engineering concept, including advanced components, circuitry, amplification, and layout as other Denon Hi-Fi products. The overall aesthetic, sound quality and design integrity of the PMA-600NE is unparalleled at the price.”
      • To ensure a large dynamic range, Denon engineers carefully selected each component and constructed the amplifier circuit to secure a frequency response of up to 100 kHz. The main power transformer has separate coiled wires for the audio and control circuits as well as an integrated micro-processor that features a Stop Mode. The user-selectable Analog Mode allows the amplifier to operate as a purely analogue amp by disabling digital inputs as well as Bluetooth. Avoiding high frequency digital influences on the analogue selection gives listeners their favourite analogue sources with uninhibited clarity and musical fidelity.
      • To minimize vibration and the effects of the surrounding environment, the PMA-600NE features direct mechanical sound construction and its proprietary Signal Level Divided Construction (SLDC) chassis to ensure only the true and intended nuances of the music are amplified and transmitted.
      • The PMA-600NE features five analogue inputs including a MM Phono input featuring a new high-gain EQ circuit, Bluetooth wireless streaming, two optical inputs and one coaxial input.

      434 mm
      121 mm
      308 mm

      7 kg

      Datový list

      24 miesięcy
      Gwarancja rozszerzona
      36 miesięcy
      Optical In
      Coaxial In
      Analog In
      Output power (4Ω)
      70 W
      Output power (8Ω)
      45 W
      Subwoofer output
      Analog output

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